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And let's not forget last year's show The System, where he appeared to provide a viewer with the winning tip for six consecutive horse races in a truly brilliant twist, it was revealed that he had started the process with over 7, participants, eliminating the losers each time until only one remained. Derren Brown Trick or Treat Series 2 Episode 6 - Part 1. It's that simple, and all very creepy.

He told us he was in mainland Europe where ,on the whole, the currency is the Euro. OK I feel cheated. I've seen two of his live shows, read several of his books and consider myself a bit of a fan, but I have to say I've found this series a little disappointing. But because he didn't he'll get allot of trouble about it, which he doesn't deserve. Can I ask, have you ever managed to get it right? A big set up. This is entertainment guys, it's not real.

"How to Take Down a Casino ", also called "How to Beat a Casino " or "How to Beat the Casino ", is the fourth and final special in British psychological illusionist Derren Brown 's The Events television series. The episode featured both live and pre-recorded segments. Derren Brown explores ways of winning at the casino - Last in series. In one of the most memorable moments from the early Derren Brown years, Derren convinces the staff at Walthamstow dog tracks to pay out on losing bets. Derren Brown cheats in casino. Добавлено: 6 год.